My Street 串門趣/Sue Bourne 

英國/2007/Digital Betacam/普遍級/彩色/48

United Kingdom/2007/Digital Betacam/G/Color/48min

.高雄場:11/13 (五)14:50

.台北場:12/04 (五)14:50

這是某條街道的故事,這條街可能正是你家那條街,住戶也可能就是你的鄰舍。英國導演Sue Bourne在同一個社區住了十四了,但依然過著自掃門前雪的生活,因此她抱著家家皆有一本精彩劇本的假設,開始去敲社區中一百一十六戶人家的門,社區居民原來極其多元而豐富,一幕幕的紀錄溫馨感人,短短一條街,卻是現代英國的縮影,深深激發人想去重新認識自家社區及自我生命。

MY STREET is a film about a street. It could be your street and the people on it could be your neighbours. But MY STREET happens to be the street that producer/director Sue Bourne lives on. Like so many people nowadays , she’d kept herself to herself and after 14 years of living there knew practically none of her neighbours. Working on the assumption everyone has a story to tell she began knocking on the one hundred and sixteen doors on the street. This film makes you think about your own street, your own neighbours. And indeed, your own life.


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