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Embarrassing Bodies 限制級診療室 /Harry Beeney

英國/2008/Digital Betacam/彩色/保護級/55

United Kingdom/2008/Digital Betacam/PG/Color/60min

.高雄場:11/14(六) 14:00

.台北場:12/05(六) 14:00

三位帥哥美女醫生開著流動診所下鄉去,志於找出各種令人難以啟口的雜症,他們在市中心最繁忙的購物中心當街看診,從青春痘、乾癬到皮膚癌、生殖器問題各式各樣的病症無所遁逃。 限制級診療室」有本領說服病人勇敢面對鏡頭寬衣解帶,要全力破除怪病之羞,釋放受隱疾所困的人!

In this program, three straight-talking doctors begin their tour of Britain in the city of Leeds. And to ensure that no fungal feet, problem penises or bothersome boils slip through the net, the production team has chosen a location bang in the heart of Leeds, on Briggate, one of the city’s busiest shopping streets. With everything from psoriasis & acne to skin cancer & erectile dysfunction being examined, the doctors will be leaving no stone unturned in their quest to take the embarrassment out of illness.




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